πŸ”₯ Say β€˜bye’ to no-shows, burn-out and the limitations of in-person training πŸ”₯

Harness The Power Of A Hybrid Fit Biz: Blend Your In-Person with Online For More Income, Impact + Freedom

[even if you’re not ‘techy’ and don’t have a lot of spare time]

Step confidently into the digital space. Get the step-by-step plan, knowledge and tools you need to seamlessly blend online offerings with your traditional sessions, and drop the money, time and digital drama for good.



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πŸš€ Grow

Coach, you’re dedicated to your craft and have built strong bonds with your clients.

But these are tough times.

Cash flow is erratic, and you’re swamped with daily tasks, leaving little room for ‘working on your business’. Gaining new clients feels hard.

Every “goo-ruu” is throwing advice your way: “Brand yourself! Set up a sales funnel. Post daily on social media. Make sales calls! Or join my bazillion dollar coaching program for instant success!”


Amidst the chaos, how do you find your way, especially when overwhelmed and resources are tight?

Let’s face it, what you really (really) want is

Financial Stability

Whether you’re driven to achieve a 6 or 7-figure income doesn’t matter as much as the peace of mind with financial stability in your business. No matter your financial goals, a stable financial foundation offers choices and lowers stress.

Lifestyle Flexibility

You’ll reclaim precious hours each week with a business that consistently generates income and operates efficiently. This means finally taking that overdue holiday, spending more QT with loved ones, or even dedicating more time to getting fit and swole. Remember, you should run your business, not it run you!

Greater Impact

In a thriving business, it’s not just about profits; it’s about the difference you make. With a stable foundation and streamlined operations, you’re better positioned to influence and transform more people. A successful business amplifies your ability to make a mark. It’s about creating a legacy that aligns with your values and vision.

Let Me Show You A Plan To Get You There

Hey, I’m Nardia.

I’ve been in your shoes. Passionate about fitness but grappling with the challenge of turning that passion into a lucrative career. Being a Personal Trainer or Fitness Professional today is undeniably more complex than just a few years ago.

It’s no longer just about mastering the art of fitness. Today, you’re expected to wear multiple hats: content creator, digital marketer, branding guru, and CEO. And let’s be honest, you didn’t sign up for all that.Β 

Back in 2014, I took a leap of faith. I transformed my traditional in-person PT business into a dynamic hybrid model, integrating digital fitness products. The results? A broader reach, amplified impact, increased earnings, and the freedom to live life on my terms.

Making the shift to a hybrid Fitness Business was a game-changer for me. Now, I’m on a mission to guide you through your transformation.


For 20+ years, I’ve coached Fitness Professionals, navigating the industry’s twists and turns.Β  Here’s my takeaways:


Success hinges on a solid plan.

“Overnight success” is years in the making.

Treat your venture as a business, not just a passion.

Many trainers miss this essential business insight. Worse, it’s often out of reach for deserving fitness business owners.

So, I’m unveiling something groundbreaking.

The chance for every fitness pro to shape their dream business without breaking the bank.


Welcome to the monthly mini membership designed specifically for the forward-thinking fitness professional. Transition from traditional in-person sessions to a dynamic hybrid model that incorporates online coaching and digital products.

With FitPro Grow, you’ll receive a step-by-step blueprint to navigate and thrive in the world of hybrid fitness, ensuring you maximise impact, profit, and freedom.

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When You Become a Part of FITPRO GROW…

βœ… Gain tools to bolster your fitness business, shift smoothly to a blended model, and stand out as a profitable, sought-after trainer.

βœ… Sidestep pitfalls, fast-track success, and free up time for solo outings, family adventures, or extra sleep.

Follow the FitPro Grow BLENDS Blueprint:

πŸ—ΊοΈ Join Fitpro grow

πŸ‘€ Watch + Execute

πŸš€ Grow


Inside Fit Pro Grow Here’s What Waits For You:


Simplify the Complex:

Ditch the overwhelm of hybrid fitness businesses. FitPro Grow offers a straightforward approach, even for non-techies. Focus on your passion: helping clients meet fitness goals.


Tame Your Digital Drama

Go from digital novice to pro. Learn essential online strategies, from tech tools and SEO to AI-driven solutions. Crush your online fitness world.


Wins on the board

FitPro Grow is all about swift, realistic results. By following our method and leveraging AI, expect a faster route to business results.


Embrace a 360Β° View:

Understand your business holistically. Grasp how branding, digital marketing, AI, and client engagement intersect to fuel growth.


Step-by-Step Navigation

No more guesswork. FitPro Grow provides a clear, step-by-step blueprint for a seamless shift to a potent blended fitness model. Stay on course and watch your fitbiz thrive.

You’ll also get access to:


A step by step roadmap that details everything you need to know to get to $2K, $5K , $8k and beyond, months


Bite sized, on demand trainings that contain specific action steps


Private podcast to access your learning on the go


Worksheets + templates to speed up your processes


Live Trainings + Q and A Sessions (about 4 x month)


Member exclusive webinars


An ever-growing resource library with worksheets, scripts and templates


Be part of a safe, ego-free squad of ambitious FitPros on a similar journey

Get access to

Resources That’ll Grow Your Biz Like:

(with more being added each month)

Create + Transition to a Hybrid Fit Biz

Drilling Down On Your Area Of Expertise + Clarifying What You Offer

Getting Super Clear On Who Your Buyer Is

Setting Up + Nailing Your Email Marketing

Mastering your Messaging to Attract The Right People Into Your Biz

Designing Your Main Online Offer

Using AI To Speed Up Your Process

Shine and Grow with Video -First Strategies

Selling Made Fun + Easy


For less than the price of one double shot, almond milk iced cappuccino with a dash of hazlenut syrup coffee 🀣


With FitPro Grow on your side, achieve maximum impact with minimal hassle.Β 


Comprehensive roadmap that will help you get to $2K, $5k, $8 K months and beyond


Dozens of bite sized video trainings that provide clear steps


Private podcast so you can access key education on tap


Worksheets, templates and playbooks designed to speed up your processes


Weekly live trainings, tutorials and Q and A with Nardia


Squad member exclusive webinars and micro-trainings

Total Value = $1997

Today’s Price = Only $9/month AUD


This micro Membership is for

2 Types of FitPros

The In-Person FitPro Wanting To Transition + Add Online

Fitpro Grow is ideal for any personal trainer/coach who wants to create an online arm of their business that compliments their in-person, and expand their reach, impact and income.Β 

The Fitpro starting from scratch or re-entering the industry

Combine the traditional with digital and get your business up and running AFAP.Β  Fitpro Grow will flatten your learning curve and help you build a go-to brand.

** While FitPro Grow isn’t tailored exclusively for fitbiz owners focusing solely on in-person or online training, it offers foundational knowledge that can benefit a wide range of fitness professionals.

Coach, are you ready to take your fitness business to the next level and tap into the immense potential of the hybrid fitness model?


πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Transition with Confidence: Learn how to smoothly shift from in-person to online, ensuring a seamless transition for your business and clients.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Master Technical Skills: Gain the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the digital landscape, from setting up online platforms to delivering results-driven programs.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Unlock Digital Marketing: Unleash the power of digital marketing strategies tailored specifically for fitness professionals, allowing you to attract and retain clients like never before (without needing to dance or do booty shots).

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Boost Business Skills: Develop the essential business skills necessary to thrive in the fitness industry, from effective pricing strategies to building a tribe of raving fans.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Generate Passive Income: Discover the secrets to creating multiple passive income streams, enabling you to increase your revenue and achieve financial freedom.

Total Value = $1997

Today’s Price = Only $9/month

Q’s to Your A’s

What exactly is Fit Pro Grow and how can it help my fitness business?

FitPro Grow is a low-cost, high value monthly membership to help fitness professionals grow their business blending traditional with digital methods. If you want to make more money, stress less and reach a greater number of people this is for you.

What is a Micro Membership?

A micro membership is a starting point and helps you achieve a very specific outcome.Β  In this case it’s to give you the steps to transition your business, sett up your online biz foundations and explore the online space.Β  Once you’re familiar with tech jargon and have followed the steps inside FitPro Grow you can jump into the more advanced One-To-Many Mastery membership (this monthly membership is for coaches ready to scale with purpose and create an entire business ecosystem).

I'm not tech-savvy, will Fit Pro Grow be suitable for me?

Absolutely!! I’ll walk through you through all the different aspects of technology and explain how they fit together and work. At the end of this you’ll be a pro!

Can Fit Pro Grow guide me through the necessary steps to successfully transition from in-person to online training?

Yes, everything inside the program can transition you into a pure online trainer, but the main emphasis in FitPro Grow is to help you become a blended Fit Biz.Β  So this is the lens that my education and teachings are through.Β 

I'm a new Fitpro - will this help me?

If you are wanting to own your own business this is the perfect solution for you.Β  It will save you time, money, energy.Β Β 

How much support will I get?

Each month there are 3 – 4 live coaching sessions that have opportunities for Q and A and coaching.Β  The community support group is also available.

I've been a Fitpro for a while - will I still get value from this?

Are you achieving your business goals?Β  Are you earning what you want and have a schedule that gives you flexibility? Do you wake up excited and pumped to do what you do?Β  If you’ve answered no to any of these questions then I’d suggest you’ll get value from this.Β 

This sounds too good to be true - why is it only $9?

There are two simple reasons.Β  First, I want to give back to the industry and help as many FitPros as possible to have a fun, impactful and financially rewarding career.

I love the product of Personal Training and genuinely believe that your services are needed more than ever. You deserve to create a lifestyle fitness business that meets your goals and needs.

Unfortunately, too many great trainers leave the industry prematurely due to burnout, lack of cashflow and boredom.Β  That sucks big time, and I want to help stop that.Β 

Secondly, I normally charge between $997 and $10k for my high-ticket business coaching, which I love and still do.Β  But that investment isn’t accessible for a lot of trainers (yet).

Since two of my core business values are accessibility and impact, I wanted to create a highly valuable and affordable program that anyone business owner could take part in. I’m super proud of this and want it to be an absolute no-fkn-brainer for you πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, if for whatever reason you’re not feeling into FitPro Grow you can cancel at anytime. A cancellation will revoke access to any content and the FB community.

What is the difference between FitPro Grow and the One-To-Many Mastery membership?

FitPro Grow is a mini membership that is designed to grow your business to a certain level and lay the foundations.Β  The One-To-Many Mastery membership is more advanced and covers a bigger range of business-building and scaling topics in more detail. One-To-Many is not open yet but when you join you also get access to FitPro Grow (free of charge).

Who actually puts Hazelnut syrup in their coffee?

I know … it’s a travesty, but apparently a thing πŸ€£πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ